Three Best Green Living Home Technologies

By: Carlee Quintas

In today’s world there’s a lot of disinformation regarding climate change and what our actual situation is when it comes to taking care of mother Earth. However you look at the problem, one should consider taking some action to use less and be a smaller burden on the planet. The population is growing and that much is for sure, still terraforming a planet for us is far off, so what green technology is there to help us in the here and now?

Let us start simple, with an almost atavistic approach, and then we’ll move up to the space-age technology we can implement in our lives. Consider the effect your cleaning supplies have on the planet. The packaging is usually rife with warning about contact with your skin, how unsafe it is to consume these products. So I bring you a simple solution to the terrible smelling anti-dust products that are probably worse for you than the dust itself: Vinegar and water.

A simple mix of vinegar and water will clean the hard water off the pristine hull of your families’ boat, and is easy on the beautiful varnish of any set of drawers, cabinets or hardwood flooring.

On the intermediate scale of difficulty, we have another problem and solution. Water itself is becoming very scarce, and in addition we as Americans use more hot water than any other country on the planet. What does it take to make water hot, you ask? Well it takes electricity which in general comes from using more water. If there was a way to remove the last step, to heat the water, without having to shiver in the shower every morning maybe that would be the way to go! Well get ready for this little piece of green tech, to help us all out!

Solar water heaters can be basic or complex, but as long as they get the job done, you’re in the right place. Consider the load, how much water you need to heat and that will determine the complexity of the setup. Some states offer energy rebate programs such as this one in Missouri, and a more general electricity company in Texas. These rebate programs have a lot to offer for the future and in the present, homeowners could see incentive for taking care of the planet.

If money has anything to do with going green then this may bring about some actual reasoning to those who are non-believers in climate change. This might not be as obvious as solar panels for direct electricity, but here is a way to keep all your bases covered when it comes to staying green.

This last tech tip comes with a bit of warning. In what sounds like a bit of science fiction melodrama, the effect of vampire power is all too real. Think back to your humble abode, how many things sit plunged into the wall, not doing anything all day except maybe flashing ’12:00’ repeatedly from dawn until dusk, and onward. This waste of power seems to be of growing concern as power bills rise out of control, and energy becomes scarce.

Let’s think toward the future though, one can only imagine the thought of leaving something on all day, you get to work and the idea haunts you. Well, imagine being able to look over your appliances stats on your smart phone, via the smart power strip they’re plugged into. This feat is on the up and up, coming soon to your own household.

Carlee Quintas is a prescient blogger who has seen the past and future through science fiction, she’s here to help the world avoid a dystopian future.

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